I feel as if I’m drowning in a sea of needs. I am needed here and over there and right now and then. I am needed by you, by them, by us and by me. I need to do this and that and more or less.

The sea is endless and I’m hopelessly drowning in it, only to see the water is rising by the rain of a storm up ahead. A storm of my own making, but if I give in, if I just let the sea take me, I start to witness it mellow out. The storm starts to clear and the waves aren’t as harsh and my arms aren’t as weak.

I can keep trying to swim my way out of this mess, but this mess is my life. In my life I am needed, by clients and friends and family and myself and even though it is overwhelming…I’d rather it be that than the contrary, which is underwhelmed.

The drowning is what makes us stronger. The harsh impact of waves gusting by us, causing water to fill our noses and hit our face is what reminds us we are alive in the first place. As relaxing as it is to take a break, to give into the waves and float for a while, it’s also necessary to fight back.

You tread water, make your way through the storm instead of finding a way to end it, so that when the next one passes you’re much more prepared. I will fight through this. If not for myself, then for those who need me. I’ll make it passed the storm and safely float my way until the next one hits.