It’s difficult for me to talk about myself publicly. I try so hard to stay humble that eventually I tend to shut myself down around others unless I’m asked of something. That’s why it’s easier to write. I can express myself freely without any fear of judgment. Its easier to hide behind a computer screen, typing away all of your unfiltered thoughts in hope that someone you care about may actually read them. Its like you’re in constant hope that maybe people will finally understand whats going on in that head of yours, behind the closed mouth and shy eyes. I’ve been working on this. I really do try to talk more, to express myself in person. Its a hard thing to do and I admire people who can. For now, I’ll continue writing until maybe one day I can give speeches in front of speeches or tell someone to back off if I need them to.

This is my personal blog. I considered making it into something more. A site about health and nutrition! Or even a site dedicated to my short stories and creative writing… I decided not to limit myself. I also suck at being healthy and never finish my stories, ever. So this site is dedicated to my endless, pointless rants about my life and experiences. I guess like every blogger I hope I sound interesting to others and gain some attention. Maybe even inspire people or sound relatable in some way.. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. 🙂


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